Frequent Flyer

This is a story worth remembering for our grandchildren's sake. On a drunken night, Paul's shoe (the one for the right leg) was stolen by a friend. And ever since, it's been a world of epic revelations for the free and single stud.

It's on a trip of a shoe's lifetime which is only getting better. I dont think Columbus's shoes would have enjoyed all those days around the world because it were on his feet and not safely wrapped in a nice polythene bag. My friend Satish and the fortunate thing spent a nice evening at the Gateway of India a week earlier. This was probably the 15th(!) country Paul's shoe was visiting. Enough to put any travelling gnome to shame. Ever heard of a shoe getting the better of its owners legs?

Find out Where is Pauls Shoe.
I like the Paris picture.


See beyond Technology

My Transparent Screen.
I had some fun doing it up like this. Of all the posts I've tagged 'useless', this one takes the cake. Discover Mighty Optical Illusions, for they run a step ahead of Photoshop. My friend Mochu made me look up Rene Magritte's works after seeing this. I suggest you do the same.