Instant Light

I am reading 'Sculpting in Time'. All of you thinking 'By who' can queue up at the back door, I'll meet you individually after I am done with telling this.

Apart from wanting to watch all his films chronologically, It has also prompted me to share with you something precious I stumbled upon long back while scouting the web. A set of polaroids taken by the master! They are from 'Instant Light', a book published by Thames and Hudson compiling most of the pictures. The Guardian has a review of the same accompanied by brief commentaries written by Tarkovsky's son.

Also this is a good site if you want to spend some good hour reading/viewing things related to Tarkovsky, instead of watching cricket.

And please say hello to my sister Reshmi, whom I thank hereby for gifting me the book last year.

"...An artistic discovery occurs each time as a new and unique image of the world, a hieroglyphic of absolute truth. It appears as a revelation, as a momentary, passionate wish to grasp intuitively and at a stroke all the laws of this world - its beauty and ugliness, its compassion and cruelty, its infinity and its limitations..."
Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time.


Saul Bass

A must see for all the Saul Bass fans.
Also check out http://www.designmuseum.org/design/saul-bass.

You can kiss my ass later for this mother of a goodie.


Zoomorphic Calligraphy

Work by Hassan Musa, a sudanese artist living in France.
More information here


For All Seasons

Since I've gotten myself talking typo, this should be of interest to the ones who have kept aside their social work, kitchen maintenance, baby feeding, pedicure, monthly car wash and rolling joints to read my blog which technorati says is ranked 2,763,138 in the whole blogosphere.

Check out www.hahakid.net/forallseasons/forallseasons.html
The download might take some time but I promise you wont forget this for a long long time to come.


About Face, Limbs and Antennae

Oded Ezer is actually more of a graphic designer than a biologist. Just that he tends to divide his Hebrew type into head, thorax and abdomen at times. The results are not only organic but transcendent.

Help yourself to some pollens at http:////www.odedezer.com/index.html



I recently found this monsters inc-ish powerpuff-ish ash tray from a junk dealer.

It also looks a bit like what we thought alien crafts would look like, as soon as we could think what alien crafts would look like. Posting this since I thought you might be interested but mainly for the lack of anything meatier.


Reza Abedini

Let me take the honour of introducing Reza Abidini to the mortals who are recklessly ignorant to still not know who he is. Actually, you'll get all the information you need on him if you click on the link given below, but as you read rightly between my first line already, I would like to assert a certain acquaintance about the person in discussion.

Reza Abidini is one of the preeminent Iranian graphic designers whose work (mainly posters) are expressions of a culture that he is deeply rooted in. He is also a professor of Graphic Design and Visual Culture at the Tehran University. Reza just received the 2006 Principal Prince Claus Award of €100,000 (that is Indian Rupees 86,70,000 approximately) presented by the Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam.

Please follow the link to read more about him and his work while let me sit back and relish this moment when a great artist's portrait is going to be hung on my virtual wall.